I have seen the future.

Long have I agonized as to how an anarchist society might obtain.

In the future there will be no privacy. Everything you do, night or day, will be visible to whoever is interested. Billions of people connected night and day by technology we can scarcely imagine now.

Privacy will be a “right” that we will gradually dispense with. Our desire to be observed, to be known, by others, and our diminished sense of shame will conspire to eliminate separateness.

And in a world with no privacy, where everyone is potentially exposed to everyone else, power will be dispersed.

A world of potentially perfect communication will undermine the secrecy required to consolidate power among an elite.

Don’t worry. This world will take generation upon generation to come to pass. We couldn’t live there, but our great-great-great-great grandchildren won’t have a problem with it.