Chance is the greatest power in the universe. It is the great uncaused cause. There is no ultimate law or mind that determines that this or that must happen at such and such a time. Reality is created by accident. Even in a perfectly determined universe of material laws, there is no ultimate cause for what is. In the realm of human beings, or any conscious entity that makes an issue of itself, we are subject to uncaused causes. We are limited by them. We deify this power, anthropomorphise it and call it God or the gods or karma or the spirit of the universe. But there is no intention behind the uncaused cause. To be otherwise is to be a thinking thing, and that is one thing it cannot be.

There are caused causes. What does that mean? My typing fingers are not moving randomly. They are moved by intention. The intention itself is the beginning of the matter. There is no uncaused cause behind it. This is the greatest mystery of consciousness: not that we are aware, but that we will and do at once.

This is the true Manichean struggle of the cosmos, that between the uncaused cause and the caused cause. Tyche reigns over all and is worthy of devotion. She is the only God before whom man ought to tremble. But we are the children of Tyche. The uncaused cause has begotten a creature that can create, though she, strangely cannot. From the mindless comes mind. From accident comes intention. From intention comes creation. In creation we have a caused cause.