I have a suggestion, somewhat fanciful, but rooted in reality. There are literally millions of unemployed people across the country right now. This is an army that could tip the political scales in any direction if it worked together. But how to organize the unemployed? One problem is that this army is spread across the landscape making up only a relatively small minority in whatever locale they happen to be in. So I suggest we get them all in one place. Arizona is a good place to go. The land is plentiful, and in the winter large sprawling camps could be supported in the empty space that dots the landscape around Phoenix. There are thousands and thousands of empty houses. Squatters could take over entire neighborhoods. Get a few hundred thousand people to camp out in Arizona for the winter. Make some demands. Set up your own community. No there aren’t any jobs in Arizona, but with enough people a new underground economy would flourish. Tap into the water supply. Grow your own food. All that is needed is the numbers. Big numbers of people. Caravans of people on bikes, in trucks, on foot all heading to the same place. What a sight that would be! What else do you have to do? Keep updating your resume? It’s time to start over.